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MOBIUS Electro is a power distribution supplier offering contractor grade twelve gauge and ten gauge power cords. What makes MOBIUS electro unique is the ability to provide a highly durable electrical product direct to the jobsite along with diagnostic assurance. We stock 50 and 100 foot lengths, but custom sizes and options are available. Every power cord is manufactured with heavy duty plug ends and come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The lighted LED plug ends show both power connection and CGM which stands for constant ground monitoring. These diagnostic tools allow Heat Rental Limited to offer a diagnostic assurance program in conjunction with a Heat Rental Season Lease. 

HRL Diagnostic assurance is an added bridge between HRL 24/7 service and the Mobius electro products. In the event of an HRL heater outage, HRL will walk the caller through a step-by-step diagnostic. If the power cord LED confirms power and continuous ground but the equipment does not restart, HRL will waive trip and service call fees to do on-site diagnostic including a voltage test. 

Limited lifetime assurance program extension. Mobius Electro expects long life from their branded power cords when they are properly stored and cared for. If an HRL customer is using a certified Mobius electro power cord in conjunction with Heat Rental Limited equipment on future jobs, the diagnostic assurance program lasts for the life of the Mobius power cord. Damaged or repaired cords excluded. 

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