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Original STINGER is a solid ductile iron gas manifold designed to carry heavy gas loads while minimizing pressure loss. Each STINGER has four oversized gas ports with an optional fifth port for expansion. When used for temporary heat applications, this product will minimize trip hazards and reduce the chance of failures caused by loose fittings. The addition of 4 isolation valves provides positive shut off capability for each gas run. The corrosion resistant finish and heavy weight of this manifold provides a secure connection with incredible durability.


We also offer the STINGER X2 which is a miniaturized version of the original STINGER for smaller splits and branch connections. The STINGER X2 is made from 2000 lb. fittings for durability and coated with a corrosion resistant finish. We aim to increase jobsite safety by keeping the gas hose tidy, and provide safe branch connections with more isolation capability than systems in the past.

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