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Construction Heating Equipment







Structural Designing

Heat Rental Limited will consult with you about building conditions:

  • power

  • meter size

  • fuel source 

We will create an accurate model of your building's heat loss, and estimate fuel consumption.  We will expertly design a system based on regional  temperature data. Our mission is to understand your entire building envelope, and offer a design capable of maintaining consistent indoor temperatures on the coldest months of the winter. 

Under Construction

Heat Rental Limited offers Seasonal and Monthly terms. Talk to us if you have a custom rental time period in mind. 

The Season Lease is a rental period to cover an entire winter, from September 1st and ending May 31st  of the  following year. The Season Lease is a discount offered in exchange for Net 30 payment at the beginning of the lease. The Season Lease allows the contractor to plan ahead with fixed pricing, and eliminates the guessing game of calling off rent. 

Worker with Glasses

Heat Rental Limited offers service assistance to get your equipment up and going as fast as possible. Most  outages are caused by faulty power.  We will first walk you through step by step tech support to determine if your problem is a minor correctable issue. If the issue persists we have service technicians on call to service your rental equipment. 



Direct Fired Heater

Direct fired heaters typically have 99% burner efficiency. This means 99% of the fuel you use is transferred into heat. Universally less expensive to rent and operate. Carbon monoxide output is extremely low, in fact well below the 50 PPM OSHA limits for construction sites. Humidity is also extremely low when your system has been designed properly. Long term measurements over the course of the winter have been conducted with typical humidity ranging around 25% and CO measurements never exceeding 3PPM. 

Ask me more.


Indirect Fired Heater

Indirect fired heaters typically have 80% burner efficiency. 80% of the fuel's heat capacity is transferred into useable heat through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger contains the flame, and diverts the exhaust gas, and 20% of the heat out of the flue. If your heater does not have a flue, it is not indirect fired. Humidity is generally not affected by indirect heat, but installation options are more limited. Great care must be maintained to ensure the exhaust gases are not recirculated into the space. 

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Enclosed Flame Heater

Enclosed flame heaters have been gaining popularity in the construction heat industry. Heat Rental currently offers several small sizes which we find to be the most versatile in this design.  A box heater with no heat exchanger, is a direct fired heater. These also must be designed safely into a heat system but may offer certain benefits to some projects.  

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What We Do

Heat Rental is the undisputed expert in the field of temporary heat. 


Your project will receive a design based on an engineered heat loss calculation. Each design is adjusted for regional temperatures with complete confidence in our scientific results. I analyze each building envelope and evaluate the air flow challenges that might appear.


In 2021 we launched two new divisions at Heat Rental, Mobius Electro and and STINGER gas manifolds. MOBIUS Electro is heavy duty power cord designed for contractors and delivered to job sites. STINGER advances the Heat Rental line-up by offering a heavy-duty, corrosion resistant line of gas manifolds. The STINGER original and the Stinger X2 are sized to reduce the pressure loss created by small diameter branch connections. We will carry the pressure further.


When I've asked contractors what they need from their temporary heat company, the universal answer is SERVICE. I hope you choose Heat Rental Limited as your trusted partner to get you through the winter.




Blair Yeager

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